3 Things You Need To Play Badminton

Posted on: 12 November 2015


An aerobic sport like badminton gives you multiple health benefits. According to Cross Sports, you can achieve optimal health benefits by playing 30 minutes of badminton a day. This sport requires that you are fast and agile. If you want to succeed, then you need the right equipment and techniques. Here are three things you need to play badminton.


A good pair of badminton shoes are essential for moving efficiently and freely on the court. This sport requires you to move quickly in all directions. A sudden slip can hurt your body and your game.

The type of court you play on plays a role in choosing the right footwear. The most common courts used in badminton are concrete, wood and PU/PVC. If you are playing on a PU/PVC, cement or wood court, then you should wear shoes with gummy rubber soles. Gummy rubber soles give you a lot of traction and grip.

Cushion is something else to consider when buying footwear. Footwear with good cushion can absorb the impact of moving in different directions. It also help to try the shoes on to make sure they are comfortable.

Fancy Footwork

If you want to master badminton, then you have to know how to move on the court. Players use a technique called "the stance of readiness."  This stance allows you to immediately move in all directions.

It consists of holding your feet parallel to your shoulders. You should point your toes toward the net and slightly bend your knees. Your racket should be in your hand with your arm resting across the front of your body.

Badminton players have to move around the court using a series fast movements. These moves include lunging, a fast bouncing shuffle and pushing off from the stance. A player can easily get in the stance of readiness using all of these moves.


The shuttle or shuttlecock is the item that is hit across the net during a badminton game. This item is also known as the birdie.  It has an open cone shape that is formed by overlapping feathers. The head is covered with a lightweight leather material.  A shuttle plays a very important role in badminton. It helps with accuracy, and your performance depends on how the shuttle behaves in a game.

Badminton is a game that you can play for fun or professionally. However, it is important to be safe and use the right equipment. A local sporting goods store can hook you up with all the right supplies.