• Selling And Trading Used Pocket Knives

    If you own several used pocket knives that you wish to sell or trade, use some guidelines to help you complete a transaction. Being transparent about the condition of each knife and researching the market value of your collection will protect the interests of you and the party you are doing business with. The Value Sort through your pocket knife collection, and select the knives that you wish to part with.
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  • Supplies That You'll Need For A Fun Ice Fishing Outing

    Ice fishing can be a fun opportunity to get out of the house during the winter months. If you're interested in this type of pastime, it's nice to get together with some other like-minded individuals, as the camaraderie that you experience while sitting on the ice is a large part of the fun of the outing. You'll also need a handful of supplies, including some that you may have to shop for at your local fishing retailer.
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