Suzuki Repower: Inshore Outboard Upgrades

Posted on: 16 December 2022


If you're serious about inshore fishing, repowering and upgrading your outboard motor can help you catch more fish this season. When it comes to jobs like Suzuki repower and upgrade services for inshore fishermen, you can get more return out of your investment by focusing on features that improve how you use your boat.

Here are some tips to remember when seeking upgrade or Suzuki repower services for your inshore boat.

Getting Skinny

Successful inshore fishing is often about navigating skinny water for big fish. Suzuki repower and upgrade services can allow you to navigate in shallower water, with more power and efficiency.

  • Lower Unit: Suzuki repower and upgrade services for inshore boats often involves modifying or replacing outboard lower units. The lower unit is section of your outboard motor between the engine and the prop. In most cases, it's generically designed for boating or fishing. When you upgrade or repower your outboard motor, you can swap the generic lower unit for a custom unit. These customized lower units can be much shorter than the factory models and give you more clearance between your prop and the bottom when fishing skinny waters.
  • Prop Modifications: If you're still using the prop that came with your outboard motor, you are likely using a prop designed for open and deeper water. To generate more torque and glide in shallow waters, you can repower and upgrade your outboard motor with a new prop. With the proliferation and evolution of 3D printing, you can often get a prop uniquely designed for your boat to compliment your style of fishing. For negotiating skinnier waters, opting for a prop with smaller blades and deeper cupping can help generate more power at lower speeds.

Getting Stealthy

If one of the goals of your Suzuki repower or upgrade services is being stealthier in skinny waters, you should consider a few key modifications.

  • Transom Mounting: The transom plate (used to secure your outboard motor to the stern of your boat) can have a major impact on how much noise and vibration are created by your motor. When looking to add stealth via a transom plate upgrade, consider a flush mount plate with adjustable capabilities. The flush mounting will reduce how much vibration reverberates from your motor through your hull. Having adjustable capabilities, allows you to quickly raise and lower the height of your outboard motor. This can help you reduce wake when you navigate skinny waters.

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