How To Give Experiences As Christmas Gifts

Posted on: 10 December 2015


It is definitely a lot of fun to walk into a room to find brightly colored packages for the family to open on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Have you ever thought, though, that your family already owns so much stuff that you're having a hard time buying more of it? If so, consider giving experiences as a greater part of your gifts this Christmas. The fun for you is on getting to select the experience and in knowing how to present it. 

The family will still have the fun of opening an actual material present. Just match an actual object with what the experience is.

Gifts For Kids - Think of what your children already love to do and go from there to give them a memorable experience.

  • Do your children love the zoo? If so, give them a year's pass to the city zoo and give them a gift that reflects that experience. For example, a fun zoo animal, say a stuffed elephant, or a small set of plastic zoo animals would both be good ideas.
  • Do your children love arts and crafts? One fun present for them to open would be a sketch pad and drawing pencils with a coupon that will take them to an art museum in your area. 

Gifts For The Entire Family - 

  • If you're going to surprise your kids with a trip to the beach, let them open things like sand pails, swim suits, or beach towels. The trick is to include a message with the minimalist gift so they'll have the excitement of knowing there's a fun experience ahead.
  • What about learning something new together? One game the entire family would enjoy would be golf. If you have really small children, get them each a set of play golf clubs and an enclosure card that tells them you're all going miniature golfing. If your children are older, a great present would be to give them each a box of golf balls with the promise of heading to a golf course in your community. If they enjoy golfing, later on you can give them each their own set of beginner golf clubs for their birthday. Golf courses are affordable and at most of them you can receive instructions from an experienced professional.  

Don't forget to take pictures of your kids and other family members opening their gift so you will have a permanent record of how they responded to the promise of a new experience.