Choosing The Right Type Of Bicycle For Your Needs

Posted on: 14 March 2016


When you decide that you want to purchase a bicycle, you may think that the only choices that you need to make are what color and maybe what height of bike you need. Many people who are not seasoned bike riders are under the impression that bicycles are all functionally the same and that differences are primarily stylistic in nature. However, there are numerous types of bikes that are each designed to meet different needs and to function differently. Get to know more about the different types of bicycles so that you can make your trip to the bicycle shop as productive as possible and you can get the right bike for you.

Road Bicycles

Road bicycles are designed specifically for a smooth and fast ride. They are primarily meant for use on pavement and as such make excellent bikes for people who spend the majority of the time in the city and want to ride their bike to and from work or for in-city recreation.

The tires are usually slim and the tread thinner increases that speed and smoothness. These bikes have issues with instability when you try to take them off of the pavement and are not designed to haul or carry heavy loads (anything significant in addition to the weight of the person riding the bike).

Mountain Bicycles

Mountain bicycles, on the other hand, are designed for off-road riding and riding on unpaved trails and the like. Despite their name, this does not mean that they are only meant to be ridden on mountain slopes but rather that they have the traction necessary to handle conditions that are unpredictable and terrain that is uneven.

Mountain bikes can provide a more comfortable ride in rough terrain because they usually have shock absorbers. Their wheels are also thicker with deeper tread than many other bike options and are often heavier than road bikes. Because they are heavier, they may not always be convenient for city riding and mountain bikes do not have the speed that these road bikes may have.

Fat Bicycles

Fat bicycles are a more recent trend among bike riders. These bikes are like mountain bicycles in that they have a heavier frame than road bikes. However, they are even more specialized than a standard mountain bike.

Fat bikes have oversized tires that are designed to give stability and traction even in the most extreme of conditions. They can keep you stable on softer uneven terrain like in snowy or wet conditions. As such, they are especially popular in snowy environments like trails in Alaska and in desert trail environments. Speed is not the forte of these bikes and they can be quite cumbersome for some riders who may not need or want to ride in such extreme conditions.

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