3 Reasons To Choose A Longboard Over A Skateboard

Posted on: 17 January 2017


Skateboarding has been a recognized sport for many decades. A longboard is essentially a longer version of the classic skateboard (also referred to less commonly as a 'shortboard') and is ridden much in the same way. Originated in the late 40s or early 50s by surfers who wanted a similar sport they could enjoy on land, skateboarding, and longboarding in particular, continues to rise in popularity among fans. If you are unsure whether you want a longboard or a skateboard for your enjoyment, consider these 3 reasons to go with a longboard instead.

Ease of use

Since a longboard is a longer version of a skateboard, you can essentially have more control while in motion going over hills or making tight turns. Longboards can also be more enjoyable for long bike trails when you will be experiencing miles of straight stretches of land. If you want a more diverse board for casual riding rather than intense tricks, then a longboard is just what you need.

Beginning riding

If you are new to skateboarding in general, then a longboard can be less imposing. Since you have more space to balance your body, you can experience greater control and a more comfortable stance when you are learning to ride. To compare skateboards and longboards together, go to a bike rental shop and ask to test ride each of the varieties of skateboards. Standing with your arms balanced against the wall, stand on each style of board to see which one you feel more confident on. The longboard may just surprise you as the real winner.

Variety of styles

Since the longboard is the newer version of the skateboard, you can enjoy a huge variety of styles and price ranges of the board to choose from. Growing brands are beginning to carry the longboard along with the traditional skateboard so if you are loyal to a particular maker you can still remain a fan. Longboards are often made of carbon fibers over classic maple wood, making them beautiful and fully functional for long riding.

Whether you are into riding a skateboard for fun or for sport, you need to know whether a longboard or a classic board style will be best for you. Longboarding is growing in popularity and may be the perfect sport equipment for your enjoyment. Compare a longboard and a skateboard together based on cost, design, and riding ability to see if a longboard is your best option. For more information, contact a company like Flippin Board Co.