Include Thrasher When You Drink Your Favorite Beverages

Posted on: 26 December 2018


If you enjoy skateboarding, and frequently support the Thrasher brand, you might be curious to explore what accessories are available to you. Beyond skateboards and apparel, there are many different ways to include the Thrasher brand, even when you aren't on the board. Take drinking, for example. You might not know that Thrasher sells a number of accessories that can bolster your drinking experience. Visit your local skateboarding shop or peruse the internet to find these drink-related accessories.

Thrasher Water Bottle

Staying hydrated whenever you're skateboarding is important; if you were to begin to get dehydrated, you could get light-headed and perhaps take a tumble and hurt yourself. Instead of carrying a conventional water bottle around with you, consider buying one with the Thrasher logo. This type of water bottle can fit easily in your backpack so that you always have it whether you're riding on the streets or perfecting your tricks at the local skate park. If you want something different, you can fill your Thrasher water bottle with a sports drink or energy drink. The former might be especially appealing on a particularly hot day as a means to keep your electrolytes topped up.

Thrasher Insulated Can Holder

Another fun drink-related Thrasher product is an insulated can holder. Whether you're drinking a soft drink from a can, a can of beer, or a canned energy drink, you want to keep it cold. While it might come right out of the fridge, the temperature of your hand and the heat from your backyard, the local park, or elsewhere can quickly cause the drink to get warmer. You don't want this, but this concern won't be relevant to you if you use a Thrasher insulated can holder. This simple and inexpensive device keeps your cans cool, and when you're not using this accessory, it folds flat and takes up very little space in your backpack.

Thrasher Drink Helmet

If you're looking for a fun drink-related Thrasher accessory, consider buying a drink helmet. This novelty device is a helmet that has a pair of drink holders and straws that allow you to drink from the cans or bottles in the holders without the use of your hands. While it's important to always drink responsibly, and you certainly don't need to drink an alcoholic beverage with this device, you might have some laughs by wearing this accessory stocked with some soft drink cans while you ride your skateboard.

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