Supplies That You'll Need For A Fun Ice Fishing Outing

Posted on: 13 January 2021


Ice fishing can be a fun opportunity to get out of the house during the winter months. If you're interested in this type of pastime, it's nice to get together with some other like-minded individuals, as the camaraderie that you experience while sitting on the ice is a large part of the fun of the outing. You'll also need a handful of supplies, including some that you may have to shop for at your local fishing retailer. Here are some supplies to buy before your first ice fishing outing.


An ice fishing outing won't get very far without an auger — it's the tool that allows you to make a hole in the ice so that you can start fishing. Some people buy power augers, which are equipped with small motors, while others opt for hand augers. A power auger will help you to make your hole faster than a hand auger, but the latter device is quieter to operate. Consider your preferences and buy the auger that will best suit your needs.

Ice Fishing Rod

If you've been fishing during the summer, you might have your own rod and reel. Generally, you won't want to use these things when you're ice fishing. Instead, you should shop for an ice fishing rod and reel. The main difference between an ice fishing rod and a conventional fishing rod is that the former is shorter and lighter. You'll be sitting right at the edge of the hole in the ice, so a long rod would be impractical. You'll also want to buy a reel and a selection of lures that will be enticing to whatever fish you're hoping to catch. An employee at your local fishing store can provide some advice based on where you're located.

Ice Fishing Sled

One supply that can be easy to overlook is an ice fishing sled — another piece of gear that you can commonly find at fishing and outdoor retailers. This sled is typically made of lightweight plastic and has a tow rope. It's designed to hold all of the gear that you'll be taking with you when you're ice fishing. Often, you'll need to walk a considerable distance out onto the ice, and it can be a hassle to make multiple trips if you have a lot of gear. It's easy to load all of your equipment into your sled, put the rope around your waist, and walk with it behind you.

For more tips on fishing supplies to get, reach out to a local sporting goods store.