Selling And Trading Used Pocket Knives

Posted on: 24 June 2021


If you own several used pocket knives that you wish to sell or trade, use some guidelines to help you complete a transaction. Being transparent about the condition of each knife and researching the market value of your collection will protect the interests of you and the party you are doing business with.

The Value

Sort through your pocket knife collection, and select the knives that you wish to part with. Assess the condition of each one and jot down some pertinent details about the original cost of each item and any flaws that a particular knife has. Stripped screws, scratches along a blade, or cracks in a knife casing could reduce the overall value of each knife. Replace small hardware pieces that are loose or damaged, and clean each knife.

If you own any limited edition or antique knives, have them appraised through a dealer. A dealer will require a description and photographs of each knife unless you are going to bring the actual knives directly to the appraiser's place of business. Use an appraisal guide as an alternate way to determine the value of your pocket knives, if you have decided not to work directly with a dealer.

The Sale Or Exchange

Decide where you will do business. You may find interested buyers through a knife club or a local knife show. Private owners of sporting goods and hobby shops may also be interested in purchasing the pocket knives that you are selling. If you decide to do business through an online knife forum or another hobbyist group, post a clear description of what you are selling, and specify how you intend to ship items and cover the transport costs.

If you are open to trading a pocket knife for another knife, research the pocket knife types that you are seeking. Include information about the knives that you are willing to trade your knives for. If a pocket knife type that interests you is more or less valuable than an item that you will be offering during a trade, an additional payment may be needed to conduct a transaction.

You or an interested party should agree upon a cash or credit card payment amount that will need to be rendered, prior to the exchange of the two knives that are being traded. Upon conducting a sale or a trade, carefully package the knife that will be going to its new owner and maintain tracking information while the knife is in transit.